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  • Introduction:
    Prioritisation is the planning of training, including session plans, program plans and plans to cover a year or entire olympic cycles. What type of periodisation you use is down to the athlete you […]

  • Long Term Athlete Development
    Weightlifting is an ever developing sport, especially where there is a relatively small population, and limited resources for professionalism of the sport. Recognising this, we as […]

  • Step 1: Always start with a athlete screening and testing.
    A screening describes the methods of gathering information to check an athletes’ readiness to exercise. This is utilised to:

    To identify athlete […]

  • Biomechanics:

    The term biomechanics combines the principles of movement, combining two main scientific areas of study;

    Physics: force, mass, acceleration, torque, leverage &
    Biology: anatomy, applied […]

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